Haryana College Online Centralised Admission Process 2021

User Manual for Online Centralised Admission Process

The link for the website directly opens the Online Admission Portal for the Department
of Higher Education, Haryana. Click on https://dheadmissions.nic.in/ to open the portal
for registration and/or log in page to the admission form. The online portal shall direct
the applicant to an integrated admission form, available to all who want to apply in any
College/University of Haryana.


1. Click on the “New Registration” button for a new registration, if you are a new user, as shown
in FIGURE-1.

2. A web page containing the Online Registration Form will open, with “Candidate Details”
top, with a series of information required for the registration process of the admission,
NOTE: The details of applicants shall be auto filled, who have completed
their class 12th from CBSE and Haryana Board of Education. Others shall have to
manually fill their details.
3. Fill all fields with the correct details. The fields marked (*) are mandatory. NOTE: The
mobile number shall be unique for every registration, which means that same mobile
number cannot be used for registration for more than one admission form. The
mobile number used for registration of one applicant shall remain exclusive to
his/her admission form, only.
4. Fill all the details in the given web page, and then click on “REGISTER”.
5. A pop-up dialogue box will appear on the web page to confirm that the applicant has
registered successfully and shall contain the registration ID and password of the applicant.
The registration ID shall be sent to the registered mobile number via an SMS also. (Note
the registration ID and password for future communication.)

6. Click on the “Student Login” tab to fill the complete admission form.

7. Login with the Registration ID as username, the password, and then the given captcha,

8. A dashboard with 7 tabs will appear on the web page after logging in.
9. Click on “PERSONAL DETAILS” to fill the same.
10. The details filled in the registration form will be pre-filled in the personal details section,
and can be changed, if required*. * Any information or details can be changed before
the final submission at any point of time, if necessary.
11. After filling all the fields correctly, the applicant shall click on the “Save” tab.
12. The tab for “EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS” will open directly.
13. The applicant shall fill their stream, that they selected in class 12.
14. He/she shall, then fill his/her results of class 10 and class 12. NOTE: If the applicant
received grades in class 10, then he/she will fill his/her CGPA, instead of marks and
15. The details shall be auto filled for the applicants who have pursued their class 12 from
CBSE or Haryana Board of Education. In any other case, the students shall have to fill
their details in the form.
16. The applicants who pursued Diploma, instead of class 12 can choose “12th or equivalent”
in the drop-down menu after class 10 details and fill the details, accordingly.
17. Click on “SAVE AND NEXT”, to get directed to the next tab, i.e. “WEIGHTAGE

18. This tab is important for the procedure of admission, as the fields will affect the weightage
in the merit list.
19. The applicant can click on “YES” or “NO”, according to the options mentioned in the form,
(See “Weightage” in the Joint Prospectus for further details).
20. Fill in the “Reservation Category”, “Caste Category” and “Caste” and the next series of
21. He/she shall have to produce supporting documents if they apply for weightage/reservation
under any given category. NOTE: The maximum weightage given to the applicants is
22. Click on “SAVE”.

23. The tab for “DOCUMENT UPLOAD” shall open. The applicant
shall have to upload all the required documents in this tab. Note: If the applicant has
filled for, any of the categories in the “WEIGHTAGE” tab, then he/she shall have to
upload a scanned copy of the original documents, as required.
24. Follow the instructions mentioned in the web page, and upload
scanned copies of the required documents, including the scanned copy of your original
photograph and signature.
25. Click on “Save and Next” after uploading all the documents.

26. The next tab that opens will be “CHOICE OF COURSES” in which
the applicants can select the college of their preference and the best suited subject
combinations for them.
27. Select the ‘District’, “College’, ‘College Course’ AND ‘Course Section’ (main subject). Finally
select the subject combination provided by the college.
28. The applicant can click the tab “Add To List”, to add to the list of your choice of colleges and
courses. NOTE: The applicants can apply in 5 Colleges, simultaneously and upto 5
different courses. There is no limit in choosing subject combinations (important for
merit list).

29. The tab “LOCK PREFERENCES” shall appear.
30. Here, the applicants can arrange all the courses they opted for in the order of their
31. After arranging in the order of their choice, click on “Save and Next”.
32. The last tab “DECLARATION” shall include all the details filled in by the applicant,

33. A declaration, at the end of the web page shall be present. Check the box on the left
margin, before the declaration to complete the last step of filling the admission form.
34. Click on “CONFIRM AND SUBMIT”, for the final submission of the form.
▪ After Final Submission Only one time OTP based editing is before the last

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