Required Instructions for ITI Admission Haryana 2021-22

Required Instructions for ITI Admission Haryana 2021-22

1. Application form on online portal operated by Skill Development and Industrial Training Department, Haryana

After filling and submitting, the applicant becomes bound by all the rules, restrictions and provisions which are given in the prospectus at various places and which can be changed by the state government from time to time or the latest rules are also implemented. can go.

2.  If the information furnished by any applicant is found to be false before / at the time of admission or in future, then the application / admission of that applicant will be cancelled.

3. It has been observed that the candidate is not eligible for preference in the other category/preference column, but has not been selected.So that after their selection in that class, they do not get admission due to lack of eligibility.

The applicant should ensure that only if there is eligibility, the concerned category / preference should be feared. If any applicant overdoes incomplete vague or wrong information in the online application form, then such information of the application form cannot be modified after submitting the application, the department will not be responsible for the loss caused to the applicant due to incomplete unclear information. Such incomplete / unclear / incorrectly filled applications will be automatically rejected.

4. In the online admission application form, candidates can fill up to 15 choices of profession/institution as per their qualification. Candidates should fill only those options in which they want to take admission as the seat is allotted After that, if the student is not enrolled in the student then he/she will have to take part in the next admission counseling process will be done from Although if it wants to participate, the student will have to pay Rs.500 to Rs.2500. penalty amount to be paid

5. The particulars given in the prospectus are for the information and reference of the applicant only. The prospectus is not a statutory document. Its use will not be valid for any work other than the work described.In case of dispute, only the court situated in the jurisdiction of Panchkula will prevail. applicant’s admission. The decision of the department in this regard will be final and the applicants will be bound to follow the rules of the department.

7. If there is a delay in the receipt of the certificate / original mark sheet (provisional or not valid with restrictions) of the minimum educational qualification of the candidate’s state or for any other reason if the applicant qualifies the last date prescribed for admission in the institute. If he does not present the certificate etc. or does not get admission, then the institution / department will not be responsible for providing admission to the candidate concerned and the candidate’s selection will automatically end.

8. The first three phases are only for the candidates resident of Haryana. Applications made by other states will also be included in the combined merit list for the fourth online admission. of department are reserves the right to initiate the process of inviting fresh online applications after any of the admission stages.

9. 30 reserved for women in all Industrial Training Institutes after the second counseling stage Out of the percentage of seats, the remaining vacant seats will be added to the seats of the respective reservation category and the reservation of women will be abolished.

10. After the third counseling, all the seats that have increased vacant in the reserved quota will be added to the general category and all types of reservation will be abolished.

11- The candidates will get the prescribed fee which is non-refundable (non-refundable) for participating in the online counseling. This fee has also been deposited through online medium or through government authorized Customer Service Centers (CSCs) through cards issued by the department and through conduit workbit net banking issued by banks.

12- Counseling fee will be completely waived for female candidature.

13. 500 from the candidates of Scheduled Caste and Economically Backward General Category (EWS) and General Category.

How will the online counseling fee of Rs.100 be charged. The original certificates of the candidates will not be verified before preparing the merit list.

14. The information given by the applicants on the online portal will be treated as true and if at the time of admission later If the information given by him is found to be false, then the application of such applications will be canceled with effect.

Such applicants are not eligible for admission and the fees deposited by them will not be refunded.

15. Applications will be accepted for merit list, whose counseling fee has been deposited.

16. Applicants should bring original copies of their educational qualifications and character certificate, reservation certificate etc. on the date of admission, otherwise admission will not be done, for which the applicant himself will be responsible.

17. The candidates who have passed the examination of the minimum educational qualification prescribed for admission from the schools recognized by the Government of Haryana located in the state of Haryana and have passed the examination from the Haryana Board of School Education, Bhiwani, they will get the Haryana Domicile Certificate at the time of admission. Presentation is not.

18. The list of 24 Businesses/Units available to enter and the number of seats is available on the departmental website

19. After taking admission in the business unit affiliated to NCVT, the candidate will be given NCVT certificate after completing the course which is valid all over India. After enrolling in the committee affiliated to SCVT, the candidate will be given a certificate of SCVT after the completion of the course which is recognized only by the state government. Therefore, the candidates who have completed the admission in SCVT business fully understand that they will be given SCVT certificate after completing the course.

20. The rules of social distancing are to be followed in the wake of the COVID-10 pandemic and it is mandatory for all the trained students to charge during the institute tenure, otherwise a fine of Rs.500/- will be charged for disobeying the rules. If any student is found guilty of exceeding these rules, his/her name will be struck off from the institute.

21. In view of the Kovid-10 epidemic, the option of giving training to the students of the pure [part of the related business through B. learning can also be implemented, under which the students can get training sitting at their home. For this, the trainees will have to make arrangements for internet, computer etc. at their level.

22. It is mandatory for the candidates seeking admission in the session 2021-22 to have their mobile number, family identity card and their e-mail ID and Aadhaar work and only such candidates will be eligible for admission.

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